UK pension funds & governance – more oversight?

In response to the widespread criticism from government and media over the role of investors in the financial crisis, the UK’s National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) has released research which show that just under half  (49%) of its bigger pension scheme members will spend more time scrutinising the actions of their fund managers on engagement issues.… Read the rest

SEC approves broker voting reforms, promises to look at the plumbing

In a widely anticipated move, the US Securities and Exchange Commission has moved forward with an aggressive reform program to update the US proxy system. The SEC met  today (01/07/09) to approve the New York Stock Exchange’s proposal regarding broker discretionary voting in uncontested director elections (NYSE Rule 452).… Read the rest

IRRC-I & PGI review ETF voting habits

The Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute and PROXY Governance Inc. have released a new in-depth analysis of the proxy voting policies and recent voting records of seven of the largest exchange-traded fund (ETF) sponsors in the US.  The findings indicate a considerable variation in the voting patterns and philosophies of these funds.… Read the rest

Cattles directors herded out

Cattles plc has announced a clear-out of its Board following the completion of a forensic review into its impairment provisions:
  • Norman Broadhurst (Chairman), who previously announced he intended to retire at the AGM, has stood down from the board with immediate effect.
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