Monsanto Shareholders Send Message on Pay

S&P 500 constituent Monsanto Company yesterday became one of the first US companies to hold its AGM following the introduction of the new US rules requiring an advisory vote on the remuneration of the directors and an advisory vote on the frequency of such a vote.… Read the rest

How best to reign in executive pay?

There can be little argument with suggestions that the dynamics of the Remuneration Committee are crucial to ensuring a balanced approach on executive pay issues. Indeed there may be value for shareholders in an amendment to the UK Corporate Governance Code in relation to the diversity of the committee.… Read the rest

The role of asset owners in making the Stewardship Code work

If 2008 was the year of crisis and 2009 the year of survival and steadying the ship, 2010 was the year of longer-term policy response. If one word stands out more than any other from the policy debates of last year, it is “Stewardship”.… Read the rest

New methodologies for proxy advisors?

The US Society  of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals (SCSGP) has called for the SEC to regulate proxy advisory agencies “to change certain of their current procedures”, in order to “make the processes and methodologies utilized by the proxy advisory firm more transparent, accountable and reliable”.… Read the rest