The heart of darkness in proxy voting?

 A shorter version of this article appeared in Financial News on Monday, October 10th 2011

The City might sometimes wish it otherwise, but voting rights are central to shareholders exercising oversight of the companies they invest in. Since the publication of the Cadbury Report in 1993 there has been great emphasis on the role of board structures, executive pay, committees and directors.… Read the rest

Aussie proxy season gets into full swing

Over 140 of the S&P/ASX 200 companies have June year ends and will hold their AGMs between late September and late November. The busiest dates for AGMs are between 24 and 28 October, with 9 & 10 November and 24 & 25 November other busy days in the calendar.… Read the rest

Manifest branches out in Australia

As Manifest continues its increase in global coverage, we are delighted to announce that from October 2011, Manifest has a branch office operating in Melbourne, Australia. We are delighted to be working with Mark Bytheway and the team at the Sustainable Research Institute, SIRIS, to offer Asian investors an Asia-Pacific focussed governance support service.… Read the rest

Is ‘Say on Pay’ really global?

Manifest Research Manager Alan Brett highlights some of the key issues raised in a recent Manifest report “Say on Pay a Global Perspective”.

With the volatility and uncertainty surrounding equities as an asset class worldwide, there has been an increased focus on executive pay, particularly where it has been apparent that the remuneration paid to CEOs has not been commensurate with performance.… Read the rest