Proxy Advisors – regulators should act…

…..on the facts.

The world’s proxy seasons draw to a close with the last remaining Japanese vote deadlines on Tuesday 26th June. That’s one day after the European Securities Markets Authority’s consultation on proxy advisors closes.

Shareholders do like to be consulted, up to a point.… Read the rest

UK Government announces its remuneration policy at last

Guest post by Damien Knight, Director, MM&K Ltd

The Coalition Government, through the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), has been consulting regularly since September 2011 about what it could do to reign in ‘excessive’ executive pay and strengthen the link between pay and performance in major companies. … Read the rest

10% pay increases for CEOs – FTSE100 Top pay reaches £4.8 million

The Manifest/MM&K Executive Director Total Remuneration Survey for 2012 was launched at a seminar in London on Tuesday, 12th June.

The Manifest/MM&K Survey is the most authoritative and up to date analysis of published information on the pay practices of 642 listed companies.… Read the rest