De-mystifying Directors Pay

 What should directors be paid? When and how to motivate for sustainable returns are key questions for remuneration committees and shareholders alike.  On the face of it they are easy questions to ask but good answers require a detailed framework of knowledge. To help shed some light on the complexities of executive remuneration,  Manifest’s long standing associate Cliff Weight of MM&K is launching a new book  which tackles executive pay in simple, accessible terms and provides a key source of reference for legislation and best practice guidance.

Cliff’s book makes a unique contribution by showing how remuneration strategy should be tailored to the dynamics and stage of growth of the company rather than taking a “one size fits all”. He demonstrates seven remuneration strategies: start-up, fast growth, recovery, strategic focus, long-term alignment, private equity and traditional.

The book will be launched on Monday 17th December at 6pm at the High Pay Centre immediately following the High Pay Centre’s event: “The state of pay – Review of 2012 Developments & Implications for the Future” where Cliff will be maing a brief presentation as well as contributing to the Q&A session. The High Pay Centre event will start at 4.30pm and run to 6.00pm. Those attending this event will be welcome to attend the launch party.

To book a place just for the book launch click here:

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