MyShares UK – The first App to support Retail Investors of UK Companies


The App has been specifically developed for retail investors of UK listed companies. Users can browse through at anytime the latest key corporate documents relating to the annual general meeting and dividend payment information of listed companies across UK indices.

Moreover users can opt to receive contentious item analysis performed by Manifest – The Proxy Voting Agency an independent corporate governance and proxy voting specialist.… Read the rest

Farewell Bond, will Dimon be forever?

It’s being quite a few days for corporate governance. First, the unprecedented (at least since our records began in 1996) shock yesterday of Sir John Bond’s ejection as Chair of Glencore Xstrata, whilst in the same week, the PR chicanery currently being played out in the US ahead of JPMorgan’s AGM next week over the question of whether the Chair and Chief Executive roles should be split out.… Read the rest

Please sir, I’d like to have a vote?

Perhaps the two least surprising observations about last week’s local government elections in the UK were the weakness of the incumbent national government party vote, and the continued fall in turnout. If there’s one thing you can rely on, it’s that generally people don’t understand why local government is important to them and therefore don’t bother to vote, and that of those who do, many are simply turning up to have an indescriminate whinge.… Read the rest