Taking the ‘action’ away from actionnaires…

The  update of the corporate governance code for French listed companies published this month by AFEP/MEDEF has raised some telling questions about the governance of governance across the channel. Viewed against a backdrop of an agressive campaign on the part of French issuers seemingly aimed at censuring proxy research providers, the arrangements for the enforcement of the new code are particularly startling.… Read the rest

Switzerland and the Minder Initiative: What would Spiderman say?

The Swiss Federal Council recently published their “Proposal for an Ordinance against abusive remuneration practices” in response to the successful popular referendum on what has been dubbed the “Minder Initiative”.  It is the first formal consultation stage ahead of the tabling of a formal legislative proposal, timetabled for November, in time for a January 1st 2014 implementation date.… Read the rest

Sustainability disclosures – will regulation dilute the narrative?

Breaking new ground as the first country in the world to mandate disclosure of gross global emissions for the entire organisation in its annual report  the UK government is pushing ahead with its business sustainability commitments and will, with effect from this autumn, make it obligatory for all UK quoted companies to disclose information regarding their CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts.… Read the rest

Executive remuneration reporting: Single figures but seeing double?

Even more than its predecessors, Manifest and MM&K’s Total Remuneration Survey 2013 (May edition) deservedly earned headlines and an impressive array of coverage in the press after the launch earlier this week (even making it into Vogue, which must be a first for corporate governance research?!).… Read the rest