UK Executive Pay Reform – The Albatross Has Landed!

Guest post by Damien Knight of MM&K

At last, ‘quoted companies’ (i.e. UK incorporated companies with a listing on a main exchange) are faced with the full reality of the UK Government’s new regime for directors’ remuneration reporting and binding votes on pay policy.… Read the rest

The Source of Stewardship’s Woes?

It hardly comes as a surprise that two in five UK plcs find that proxy analysts have a so-called “negative influence” on the relationship between companies and their investors (Financial Times: “Proxy agencies fail to tick boxes” July 1, 2013) However, Sir John Parker appears to misunderstand the role of governance analysts.… Read the rest

Going Dutch on Shareholders Rights

Probably the most un-noticed consequence of the battle around the ill-fated Royal Bank of Scotland acquisition of ABN-AMRO has been the subsequent limitation of shareholders’ rights in the Netherlands.

At the start of July a number of significant amendments Dutch company law were introduced which will make it significantly harder for shareholders to table their own resolutions.… Read the rest