The trouble with proxy advisors….

Is that everyone loves to hate them but, investors at least, can’t actually do their jobs without them. If we didn’t exist we’d have to be invented. So, what’s to be done?

Yes, true, that opening statement was an enormous over-simplification, but the time has come to properly upack all the arguments – simple and complex – surrounding corporate governance and stewardship practices, and in particular the role that proxy analysis plays.… Read the rest

Actually how tasty is a slice of Burberry and Apple pie?

Many column inches were dedicated to the news that Angela Ahrendts, Chief Executive of Burberry, is quitting to join Apple next year. It’s got us reflecting on where is the real story here, especially from a governance perspective.

The Burberry chief was prominent in the news earlier this year because our Total Remuneration Survey identified her as the highest paid CEO in the FTSE100 as at June 2013.… Read the rest