When is a shareholder announcement not a “Shareholder Announcement”?

Answer: when it’s a selective mailing sent out to a privileged few under embargo before the formal announcement date.

Today we have the case of Novartis, which yesterday (Thursday, 30-Jan-14) faxed (yes, faxed) an advance copy of its AGM meeting notice to selected names on their share register ahead of the formal dispatch to ordinary shareholders.… Read the rest

Bananarama knows what gets results…

There’s no denying it: we work in a results-driven world. Financial results, investment return, engagement outcomes, meeting results. In fact, this is a good thing. Positive results we’ve contributed to are one of the things that make our work feel valuable (and shock horror, actually gets it valued sometimes as well!).… Read the rest

Manifest to provide ECGS Clients with UK Research for 2014 Proxy Season

European Corporate Governance Research & Engagement Specialists ECGS Appoints Manifest as UK Governance Research & Analytics Partner

ECGS, the specialist pan-European governance and engagement firm has appointed Manifest information services Ltd (Manifest) to provide ECGS with customised research and vote guidance on UK and Ireland listed companies.… Read the rest