A poison pill by any other name would taste as bitter

Or: “one person’s economic stimulus might be another’s entrenchment opportunity”.

On 25 June 2014, as part of its ongoing recovery plan, the  Italian Government adopted Law Decree no. 91/2014 the so-called “Development Decree” or “DECRETO sviluppo imprese”. Like the USA’s “Jump-start our Business Startups Act” (JOBS Act), the Decree is intended to stimulate enterprise and non-banking investment.… Read the rest

So, how DID Marks & Spencer gain £145 million from sustainable business?

This week’s guest post comes from Tobias Webb of the Innovation Forum and first appeared in Toby’s blog, The Smarter Business Blog (in theory)

If you are familiar with the concepts of sustainable business (actually it should be “more sustainable”) and corporate responsibility then you will be familiar with iconic British-based brand Marks & Spencer.… Read the rest

Sustainability gets the vote

When Dale Wannen of US investment advisor Sustainvest Asset Management wanted Irish pharmaceuticals company Actavis to publish an annual sustainability report he didn’t just write a letter to the directors, or lobby a regulator for a rule change, he took matters into his own hands and proposed a shareholder resolution.… Read the rest

Top 100 Exec Pay Goes Down  – and Up!

The Manifest – MM&K Annual Survey of Executive Pay shows that the Shareholder Spring has clearly had an effect on remuneration committee thinking. This has been galvanized by regulatory intervention to reinforce investors actions. However, the single figure “accounting for pay” approach has created more uncertainty for shareholders. Read the rest

SEC: No proxy for proxies

The SEC this week weighed into the proxy advisor debate with Staff Legal Bulletin 20, which provides information on  the proxy voting responsibilities of investment advisers (i.e. professional investors) as well as clarification on the exemptions from federal regulation which apply to proxy advisory firms.… Read the rest