Repeal the Decree ask leading Italian academics

Following on from a public statement issued last week by a group of leading Italian academics and legal experts, international institutional investors and their trade associations have been invited to add their voice to a call for the Italian Ministry of Finance to roll back a highly criticized legal measure that would strip longstanding investor protections and enable the introduction of multiple voting rights at Italian listed companies.  … Read the rest

Proxy access – war war not jaw jaw

The US proxy access debate took a fresh turn recently with the attempt by seasoned governance commentator James McRitchie ( to get a shareholder proposal on the ballot at US organic food retailer Wholefoods. He submitted a proposal under which one or more shareholders owning 3% or more of outstanding shares for at least three years could “account for 20% of directors through proxy access”.… Read the rest

Scandi Jet Drama

Reporting of the abuse of corporate jet use by top management at Sweden’s largest companies has focused attention on the internecine links between Sweden’s top investors and largest public companies
Svenska Dagbladet the Swedish newspaper has reported that Swedish forestry company SCA has been using several private jets to fly top managers and wives and children to an SCA-owned hunting lodge in northern Sweden, the Olympics in London and the European football championships in Kiev.… Read the rest

Cross-border Share Voting: Checkpoint Charlie

The simple but powerful statement of solidarity with the notion of a free society that articulated the public reaction to the recent horrific events at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris shows just how important freedom is in our modern age.… Read the rest