Agius against vote highest for FTSE 100 Chairman in over five years

The Times sources Manifest data today in it’s report on the Barclays AGM. The vote against the Chairman was the largest against vote recorded on the election of a FTSE 100 Chairman during the last five years. Some 16.14% of votes cast were against his re-election, while a further 0.92% of those voting abstained.

If the FTSE 100 data is looked at in terms of overall dissent (against plus abstentions), the rebellion was the fourth largest in the FTSE 100 during the last twelve month, as noted in today’s Financial Times also citing Manifest data.

Dissent on the remuneration report resolution was 6.32%, while none of the remaining resolutions recorded any significant levels of dissent. Further details of the voting and other recent contentious votes are available on Manifest VoteWatch.

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