Manifest Publishes Global Regulatory Review

Manifest has this week published a Global Regulatory Review, keeping customers abreast of the latest developments in corporate governance and related disciplines around the world.
Global capital markets and investors expectations towards them have changed radically over the past 20 years.… Read the rest

Inundated with the wrong PRI-orities?

As we approach the busiest time of year for those of us involved in share voting, it will come as little comfort that the current round of PRI reporting is weighing heavily in investor in-boxes.

It includes requirements relating to vote confirmations and seeks to identify whether investors have:

  • obtained confirmation that votes have been lodged;
  • participated in project(s) to improve the voting trail and/or obtain vote confirmation; and
  • any other information about their vote confirmation efforts.
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Manifest webinar for Issuers – Proxy Season 2014: Governance Best Practice

Wednesday 26th February, 12:30-13:30pm
A “hot topics” webinar for issuers only! An opportunity for company secretaries and IR personnel to hear from and engage with the UK’s most objective, independent and transparent proxy research specialists about what 2014 has in store for everyone. 
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When is a shareholder announcement not a “Shareholder Announcement”?

Answer: when it’s a selective mailing sent out to a privileged few under embargo before the formal announcement date.

Today we have the case of Novartis, which yesterday (Thursday, 30-Jan-14) faxed (yes, faxed) an advance copy of its AGM meeting notice to selected names on their share register ahead of the formal dispatch to ordinary shareholders.… Read the rest

Bananarama knows what gets results…

There’s no denying it: we work in a results-driven world. Financial results, investment return, engagement outcomes, meeting results. In fact, this is a good thing. Positive results we’ve contributed to are one of the things that make our work feel valuable (and shock horror, actually gets it valued sometimes as well!).… Read the rest

Manifest to provide ECGS Clients with UK Research for 2014 Proxy Season

European Corporate Governance Research & Engagement Specialists ECGS Appoints Manifest as UK Governance Research & Analytics Partner

ECGS, the specialist pan-European governance and engagement firm has appointed Manifest information services Ltd (Manifest) to provide ECGS with customised research and vote guidance on UK and Ireland listed companies.… Read the rest

The Ghost of RI Research Past & Present: What The Dickens?

As we approach the season of goodwill to all (wo)mankind, our thoughts often turn to those less fortunate than ourselves, and how we might achieve a better world with what we have to share. It’s a tradition that stretches well back before the iconic 1843 Dickens novella “A Christmas Carol“.… Read the rest

The trouble with proxy advisors….

Is that everyone loves to hate them but, investors at least, can’t actually do their jobs without them. If we didn’t exist we’d have to be invented. So, what’s to be done?

Yes, true, that opening statement was an enormous over-simplification, but the time has come to properly upack all the arguments – simple and complex – surrounding corporate governance and stewardship practices, and in particular the role that proxy analysis plays.… Read the rest

Actually how tasty is a slice of Burberry and Apple pie?

Many column inches were dedicated to the news that Angela Ahrendts, Chief Executive of Burberry, is quitting to join Apple next year. It’s got us reflecting on where is the real story here, especially from a governance perspective.

The Burberry chief was prominent in the news earlier this year because our Total Remuneration Survey identified her as the highest paid CEO in the FTSE100 as at June 2013.… Read the rest

Corporate Reporting: What do Companies and Investors Say on Sustainability?

Shareholders looking for a more joined up approach to corporate reporting have, hopefully, not much longer to wait after the introduction of the UK’s  Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors’ Report) Regulations 2013 
Business Minister Jo Swinson outlined the Coalition’s rationale for the reforms when the regulations were laid before Parliament earlier this year: “In order for shareholders to fully hold a company to account they need to have the right information to hand.Read the rest

UK Executive Pay Reform – The Albatross Has Landed!

Guest post by Damien Knight of MM&K

At last, ‘quoted companies’ (i.e. UK incorporated companies with a listing on a main exchange) are faced with the full reality of the UK Government’s new regime for directors’ remuneration reporting and binding votes on pay policy.… Read the rest

The Source of Stewardship’s Woes?

It hardly comes as a surprise that two in five UK plcs find that proxy analysts have a so-called “negative influence” on the relationship between companies and their investors (Financial Times: “Proxy agencies fail to tick boxes” July 1, 2013) However, Sir John Parker appears to misunderstand the role of governance analysts.… Read the rest