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In the pursuit of secure investment returns, diverse viewpoints based on high-quality data and varied information are critical for portfolio construction. We believe that share ownership is no different. Manifest intelligently navigates the complexities of global governance and voting delivering actionable and defensible stewardship insights.

Manifest: showing, not telling

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NEST renews Manifest contract for proxy voting and engagement support

human capital reporting

NEST has renewed its contract with the proxy voting and analysis firm Manifest as part of its ongoing commitment to act as a responsible steward of members’ money.

Commenting on the relationship between NEST and Manifest, NEST’s Paul Todd said, ‘Auto enrolment is creating millions of new shareholders.… Read the rest

Sustainability: A Blessing on Your (Investment) House - Muzzles Off!

The increase in relevance of sustainability factors in investment continues apace in 2015. Macro themes require commitment at the micro level to make the difference. This demands flexibility not only on the part of institutional investors collectively and individually, but by their service providers too.… Read the rest

FCA: Miss Piggy, you are cleared for take-off

Back in September 2011, the FT ran a story exploring the frustrations felt by investors over complexity and opacity in the voting chain (“Call for clarity in proxy voting process”, FTfm, 12th September 2011). In many ways the article was no different to much of the other hand-wringing that has characterised commentary on this subject.… Read the rest

NEST Appoints Manifest & Co-op in Responsible Investment Partnership

The National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) has appointed The Co-operative Asset Management (TCAM) and Manifest to support its responsible investment strategy. In an innovative joint tender, TCAM and Manifest outlined an robust solution to manage and develop NEST’s evolving stewardship responsibilities. … Read the rest

Manifest branches out in Australia

As Manifest continues its increase in global coverage, we are delighted to announce that from October 2011, Manifest has a branch office operating in Melbourne, Australia. We are delighted to be working with Mark Bytheway and the team at the Sustainable Research Institute, SIRIS, to offer Asian investors an Asia-Pacific focussed governance support service.… Read the rest

Manifest in the press

IR Magazine has been looking at shareholder activism in Europe and quotes Manifest:

A different style of activism?
Historically, there have been obstacles to waging a successful activist campaign in much of Europe. Many markets are opaque, the proxy voting system has been leaky with votes often lost, and some countries still block any shares to be voted for several days prior to the AGM, putting a damper on shareholder participation.… Read the rest

Manifest in the news

Recent quotes by Manifest on topical corporate governance issues:

Protest vote against Prudential chairman >>
Financial Times, May 19 2011

Conservative MP leads charge for tougher audits >>
Financial News, May 18th 2011

Backlash grows over power of proxy >>
Financial News, May 17th 2011

Shareholders ignore proxy advisors on bank pay >>
Financial News, May 16th 2011

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Wall Street Journal: Shareholder Revolts Over Pay Still Rare

The Wall Street Journal and Financial News have picked up Manifest’s recent article on remuneration report defeats. As highlighted in our posting on the Punch Taverns they joined a select list of five FTSE All Share companies to have seen their remuneration reports defeated.… Read the rest

Swedish buffer funds appoint global voting partner

Four of the Swedish buffer funds (AP1, AP2, AP3 and AP4) this week announced the appointment of a provider of global voting services:

“The First to Fourth AP Funds (The Funds) have carried out a procurement of a Global Voting Service.

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Shareholders have to get out there and vote

David Wighton of The Times writes about the problems of low turnout at shareholder meetings. “Shareholders have to get out there and vote” describes the problems facing Minerva, the property company fighting off a bid from 29.9 per cent shareholder Nathan Kirsh, and Mitchells & Butler, the UK’s biggest pub company, which claims that a concert party is “bent on wresting control of the group”.… Read the rest