Vote for #corpgov research – countdown to the SRII survey

The indefatigable Mike Tyrell of SRI-Connect has reminded us all that the final countdown to the Extel awards for ESG research – the SRII Survey – is upon us.

The IRRI* Survey is the biggest mass participation exercise in SRI & corporate governance. 1,167 industry professionals have already completed the Survey which closes on Weds 30 Nov (Voter breakdown here). If you’re an SRI / CG professional and you have not yet participated, please vote here now.

Although Manifest has fared well in prior surveys, Mike’s methodology gives us no small amount of discomfort. It’s always great to get recognition but when it comes to corporate governance, and especially shareholder voting research, it truly is a team effort. AGM season is a monumental logistics exercise, there are many closely connected and dependent processes, deadlines are tight and every annual report brings new challenges – not least of which because they get longer every year! Also, unlike traditional sell-side analysts, we cover thousands of companies, year in year out, much less glamorous than big thematic pieces. Shareholder voting research analysts are also under a sustained, unprecedented attack and subject to gross misrepresentation which is undeserved. Naming one individual at the expense of others whose contributions, are essential yet unseen, is harsh.

With that in mind, please do, by all means, vote for Manifest, but if you do, make it a vote for “Team Manifest”.

Thanks for all your support, no matter how large or small, it is greatly appreciated.

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