Have top pay awards started creeping up again?

The Manifest Executive Total Remuneration Report 2015 tells the story

After recent years of falling pay awards for CEOs, the annual Manifest remuneration survey suggests that top pay awards are going up again, especially the awards of long-term incentive grants. The Manifest 2015 Executive Total Remuneration Survey, produced in association with MM&K, tells the full story of what is happening with directors’ pay in listed companies.

CEO Trends

The 2015 edition also introduces a new investor perspective on remuneration simplification from Robert Talbut, former CIO of Royal London Asset Management. Robert has over 30 years’ experience of financial services and has represented the asset management community through the Chairmanship of both the ABI Investment Committee and the Asset Management Committee of the Investment Association. He has also been a member of the Audit & Assurance Council of the FRC and the FCA’s Listing Authority Advisory Panel.


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