Latest reports from Manifest

Manifest is pleased to announce the release of its latest publications:

The Executive Director Total Remuneration Survey

Unlike many other pay surveys, the Total Remuneration Survey takes into account the changing mix of compensation from just salary and bonus to a total mix of pay where 80% is performance related. As schemes and disclosures have increased in complexity never has there been a greater need for high quality and objective analysis to assess the impact of changing approaches to executive incentives. Total compensation figures are rarely disclosed but are key to understanding the biggest drivers in executive reward.  Buy Now >>

The Manifest Pan-European Voting Review 2009

Manifest’s annual review of proxy voting trends in Europe offers a wealth of information and findings from its annual on-going monitoring shareholder voting issues and governance trends. Over 16,000 individual resolutions from 1,700 meetings have been analysed to provide most comprehensive analysis of shareholder voting practices available. In today’s current regulatory environment, this report is essential reading for investors, issuers and advisors alike. Buy Now >>