More Regulation or Better Stewardship?

Optimising the Means and Ends of Good Governance

Manifest is proud to sponsor the 4th Cambridge International Regulation and Governance Conference on September 6th, at Queens College, Cambridge.

In a timely intervention given recent consultations at national and supra-national level on both sides of the Atlantic touching on stewardship processes, the conference will address regulatory responses to aspects of the global financial crisis. Reviews of UK and European corporate governance suggest poor governance is partly to blame. Some reforms have been instigated already but to what effect? How should the interests of consumers, private and public bodies, government and regulators be balanced in the short, medium, long, and indeed very long term? Are good stewardship and innovation on balance promoted by more regulation or hindered by it, nationally and internationally?

The guest speaker is a preeminent figure in corporate governance: Sir Adrian Cadbury. Other key speakers include: Peter Montagnon, UK Financial Reporting Council; Marie Laure Djelic, ESSEC Business School, France; Graham Russell, UK Govt. Dept. of Business Innovation & Skills; Alan Hughes, Whitechapel Bell Foundry Ltd., (est. 1570); Brian Cheffins, University of Cambridge.

The conference will consist of ten plenary and parallel sessions on topics of relevance to understanding the regulation and governance issues that have come to the fore with the global financial crisis. These include: Corporate governance, regulation and ownership; Boards: composition, performance and pay; Regulating the financial sector; Shareholders: power and protection; Regulating and managing business for the long term; Comply-or-explain: reaching the limits of flexibility in corporate governance codes?

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