UK rolls out gender pay gap reporting regulations

The UK government will have the  power to make, through regulations, the framework for gender pay gap reporting by companies with 250 or more employees when Section 78 of the Equality Act 2010 comes into force on 22nd August.

Section 78 states that the regulations may require employers to publish information relating to the pay of employees for the purpose of showing whether, by reference to factors of such description as is prescribed, there are differences in the pay of male and female employees.

The government published draft regulations for gender pay gap reporting for consultation in February and at that time the government said they would come into force in October. A response to this consultation and final regulations have yet to be published. This followed a wider consultation on reducing the gender pay gap carried out last year which the government also responded to in February.

Justine Greening MP

Justine Greening MP

In July Justine Greening became the minister for women and equalities, replacing Nicky Morgan. This followed Theresa May succeeding David Cameron as Conservative prime minister.

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