Tesco avoids prosecution for 2014 false accounting with fine

Tesco false accounting

Tesco has reached an agreement with the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) which, if approved by the court, will allow it to pay a fine for its false accounting in 2014 rather than face prosecution. Separately it has agreed with the Financial Conduct Agreement (FCA) that it will pay compensation to investors for market abuse when it presented misleading trading statements in August 2014.… Read the rest

Novartis voting shambles exposes system weakness

As Swiss pharma giant Novartis squared up to the first of the 2009 European season’s shareholder resolutions, it looks like voting irregularities downstream may be calling the results into question. Novartis are said to be ‘furious’ at the apparent foul ups caused by the overly complicated ‘chain of intermediaries’ which have left some shareholders with blocked shares, despite the express statements from Novartis that they are a non-blocking security in Switzerland.… Read the rest